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Anti Static Products, Protection & Packaging

Anti Static Products, Flooring & Mat| ESD protection & Wrist Straps

Anti static devices can help reduce the effect of static electricity on people or equipment. These devices include anti static flooring, anti static mats, anti static bags and anti static wrist straps. These devices are often used when working with flammable liquids as they help prevent explosions and fires. Objects such as electronic components which are sensitive to static electricity can prevent being damaged by the use of anti static devices as well. The practical name for the basis of static electricity is triboelectrification. Static electricity is also commonly known as Electrostatic Discharge or ESD. The static is created by electrons moving to and from atoms. There are many situations where static electricity can form and cause a static shock. Many industries have found it necessary to use anti static mats, anti static wrist straps, anti static bags or anti static flooring to help protect their employees as well as the equipment and products they are working with.

There are plenty of anti static devices available for those in the computer industry as several computer parts can be negatively affected by ESD. Many computer devices such as graphic and disk drives are packaged and shipped in anti static bags. anti static agents can be applied to surfaces to prevent a buildup of static. anti static wrist straps are worn to ground the worker against static shock. This device is worn against the skin on the heel or wrist. By using an anti static wrist strap device the worker is protected from excess static electricity. In addition, these devices can help protect computer components from damage. Anti static wrist straps are necessary in the computer industry as it takes very little static to damage a computers hard drive. These devices provide ESD protection for the worker as well as the computer component being worked with.

Anti static mats serve the same purpose as the devices described above and are used by people who work in an environment that may cause a buildup of static. People who are required to stand for long periods of time frequently need mats that provide ESD protection and give them comfort as well. In order to provide both safety and luxury to workers, some mats are manufactured with both anti static and comfort features. In addition to mats, some industries prefer to use anti static flooring instead. All of these anti static devices serve one purpose – to protect people, equipment and products from ESD. When these devices are used, employees can be protected from electric shock. In addition, equipment and products will be protected as well.