Static Shielding Bags (Anti Static Bags)

All About ESD Bags

Modern day business owners should know all about anti static products because these products are just what they need to protect the electrical devices in their offices. According to industry experts it is perhaps one of the best investments you could make as a business owner. These days failure of electrical equipment is not uncommon, it is in fact a regular occurrence. In the olden days there was no proper solution available for this problem but now thanks to the advancements in technology we have static control devices at our disposal. One of the most frequently used static control products are anti static bags. You must have seen them at your workplace; these bags are generally used to carry sensitive devices such as RAM, motherboard, graphic cards and hard drives. Let us take a detailed look at the various elements of anti static bags.

Purpose and Usage

Static control ESD bags offer us protection from ESD and help us save a lot of money which would be otherwise spent on buying replacements for broken electrical devices. Anti static bags also keep our data and information safe that is stored on these electrical devices. A static shock can cause loss of valuable data which may be irrecoverable. If you want to preserve your data and run your business successfully you should consider using these bags. Please see our anti static bags range.


These bags are hugely beneficial for businesses; they are generally used in offices to protect electrical devices. They are very cheap as well, so you can buy them in bulk. These bags are designed simply and anyone can use them without any help. These bags are static resistant and can keep expensive devices and equipment safe by either dissipating the static discharge or conducting it.

Tips For Use

As long as electrical devices are inside the anti static bags they will remain safe but once outside they can again be exposed to the risk of ESD. If you want complete protection from ESD then you should consider using a range of static control products such as anti static mats, anti static wrist straps and anti static pads. It is advised that once you take out an electric device from the bag you should keep it at a place that is ESD proof. A lot of people make this common mistake of placing hard disks and other devices on top of the anti static bag. This does not protect the device in any way as only the inside of the bag prevents static buildup.

The Different Types of Bags

There are a lot of different types of static bags available in the market. Some examples are: Static Shielding Bags, Moisture Barrier Bags and Pink Anti Static Bags. You can get different colors and shapes that fit all sorts of electric components. Flat static poly bags have a very simple design and serve the basic purpose of protecting electronics from static buildup. These bags are made up of polyethylene film; they keep your devices clean and safe. Another type of anti static bag that you can get are zipper bags. These bags have the same qualities of a normal bag the only difference is the zipper top that keeps things from falling out. The zipper also ensures that dust and moisture does not get in. Please do not forget to visit our products page for product information, and purchasing details.