ESD Products

A common problem that a lot of businesses face today is ESD or electro static discharge. The issue can slow down productivity and cost a lot of money in the long run. This problem was first discovered during the industrial era when machines failed to work because of an overload of electricity. This resulted in huge losses for businesses and it was the recurrence of this problem that eventually led to a solution. ESD protection became a necessity after businesses suffered losses in productivity. Static control devices were invented and quickly became popular everywhere in the world. Let’s discuss the role of anti static equipment in controlling ESD.


Types of ESD Products

There are a lot of different types of products available in the market that you can use for ESD protection. Some of the commonly used products include anti-static wrist straps, anti static mats and anti static earthing pads. All these products perform a dual function. They protect the user from being electrocuted and also electrical devices from faltering and becoming victims of ESD.


What is at Risk?

There are many items at risk from ESD. The computer is perhaps the most common electrical device that is affected by ESD. Anti static products offer high levels of ESD protection; they can protect vital components of your computer including hard drives, motherboard etc. Static control devices also keep you and your workers safe from an abnormal discharge of electricity. All electric equipment that comprises of transistors and circuits is at risk of ESD. Buying anti static devices should be looked at as an investment rather than an expense.


Taking Measures

So what measures can you take to achieve ESD protection? The room where your computer is being kept should have a humidity level of above 40% or else your computers will be at risk. Please see our Humidity Indicator Cards. Air quality has to be good and conducive for your electronics to thrive. You should not keep your computer in a room where air cannot pass through properly. Another word of advice for you is that you should always wear safety and protective equipment when dealing with electrical devices.


Grounding and Earthing

Another action that can be taken to achieve ESD protection is use a variety of static control products simultaneously. There are many grounding products available that you can use to protect your electrical equipment. Please see our range.



ESD is a problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. If your business is suffering as a result of this problem, please ensure strict measures are taken and equipment is subsequently protected. Electronic equipment is valuable, hence immediate protection should be implemented, so that in the future your business remains safe and has esd protection.