Our clean room nylon packaging is class 4 ISO 14644 clean room approved. It meets or exceeds FED std 209E Class 10, NASA JPG 5322.1 level 50 and IEST-STD-CC1246D level 50 requirements.

When cleanliness levels need to meet or exceed IEST-CC-STD 1246D level 100, our Clean Nylon Packaging is the ideal solution. When you need electrostatic discharge protection on top of cleanliness, our Clean Nylon Packaging Antistatic polyethylene bags and tubing provide the safety, security and cleanliness that you need.

Clean Nylon Packaging Antistatic clean pink low charging polyethylene bags and tubing are for use in applications where a combination of cleanliness and electrostatic discharge protection is required.

Roll-stock and finished bags are offered in a wide range of widths and lengths, fitting any requirement you need. Clean Tuff is designed with no additives and offers the perfect combination of ionic contamination, out gassing, non-volatile residue and cleanliness. The materials that our clean nylon packaging uses offer a puncture resistance shell and a tight seal for first rate output.